From pruning to oil

A certified product along the whole production chain

Lacrima Verde is an organic farm which guarantees the respect of all the CARTOCETO DOP protocols along the production chain. From biological pest control to banning the use of synthetic substances, through olive harvest performed by manual picking done by hand or using special electric and pneumatic combs, allowing olives to be milled within 24 hours from the picking, we are capable to delivery a product of excellence.

Cartoceto DOP oil

The Cartoceto DOP olive oil was the only one in Le Marche to obtain the DOP Denominazione D’origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin) certificate. One of the many conditions to meet this requirement is that the olives must come from Cartoceto, Mombaroccio, Fano or Colli al Metauro.

Cartoceto PDO is produced with olives from the Raggiola, Frantoio and Leccino cultivars, and must be present in quantities with a rate of at least 70%. Moreover, it could be present the remaining 30% of the following varieties: Raggia, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino, Carboncella, Nebbia and Rosciola.


Cartoceto extra virgin olive oil is green in colour with golden hues and more greenish reflections for more mature oils


It has a fruity aroma, from light to medium,  with a scent of unripe apples and almonds combined with a bitterish taste tending to spicy.


The mild climate and the protection from the bad weather of the mountains create an ideal habitat for the growth of olive trees in a natural and stress-free way.

Mono Cultivar Raggiola Oil

From the old family olive grove, in Isola del Piano, we produce the Organic MonoCultivar Raggiola Oil.

Organoleptic profile

Fresh herbs, medium strong fruity taste, scents of green almond and and notes of artichoke. Medium-strong spicy and bitterish flavour.

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