Quality and Tradition

What makes us special

Our company is a family project, aimed at recovering our roots while looking at the future with technological innovations and respecting the final product throughout the whole production chain.

Our philosophy

The olive grove

Lacrima Verde activities start from the recovery of the old family olive grove, in Isola del Piano. Tradition and technology aimed at bringing you a high quality product.


We select high quality products of our region, whether it is the DOP in Cartoceto, or the ancient cultivar of Raggiola, in the area of Isola del Piano, always from certified, organic agriculture.


Our terroir means quality. The Cartoceto DOP is the only DOP existing in the region and it is well renowned and appreciated for its characteristic. From the ancient Raggiola trees we produce the finest oil for your special occasions.


We believe a correct and standardized pruning is a key factor for both a quality production and the health of our trees. All our trees are pruned by professionals using the polyconic-vase pruning methodology.

Why choosing Lacrima Verde

Restoration of the old olive grove

The company starts from the initiative of three cousins who, in 2016, decided to restore the old family olive grove, in Isola del Piano.

Cold extraction

The oil is produced through a rigorous “cold” extraction system with a continuous cycle, delivering high quality oils.

Cartoceto DOP
Fruity aroma combined with a bitterish taste tending to spicy

From the mix of olives coming mainly from the Raggiola, Frantoio and Leccino cultivars, we produce the Cartoceto DOP oil.

Monocultivar Raggiola
Spicy and bitterish for your special occasions

From the olive trees in Isola del Piano we produced this fine oil exclusively from the Raggiola cultivar.

Customized services
Flexibility and competitivity

Our family-size company allow us to use special care in dealing with our clients, while remaining competitive on the high-end oil market.

The three cousins



Loves nature and the old traditions



Creative dreamer



Combines tradition and innovation

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