Who we are


We believe the family is the key element that gives birth to tradition, know-how and rural culture of our region. La.Cri.Ma Verde main target is recovering the facilities and know how of Dell’Onte family.


We are focusing our efforts on the most representative cultivars in our area and, for them, we are developing an organic production chain to deliver a product of excellence.


Our family background is rooted in the rural culture but, at the same time, is very keen for technology and innovation.

Pass on

Growing, teaching and preparing our kids for a live founded on love for the environment, responsibility and safeguarding of traditions make us proud of next generations.

What makes us special

Family and love for tradition

The Company was founded in 2016 from the idea of the 3 cousins Laura, Cristina and Manuela (hence La.Cri.Ma Verde) who wanted to recover the family facilities and the olive grove, in Isola del Piano.

Love for traditions, the territory and the environment led the family to get passionate for the olive grove and its world. Over the years, the passion turned to study and specialization in the field, from tree pruning to field management, to oil production.

The whole team is ready!

We enjoy spending our time together

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